Our Barre classes change and our team will deliver either of the Barre classes below

First official class in Wales. A combination of ballet, yoga, Pilates with strength & conditioning

Barre Pilates Method
First official class in Wales Pilates inspired Ballet Barre class slower then the BarreConcept class to allow the full

application of the Pilates principles in each move.

Fatburner (with weights)

The ultimate body sculpting class -  5 minunte blocks - Cardio, Lower Body Toning, Upper Body Toning and Abs (alternatives are available to accommodate all fitness

Myofascial Trigger Point Release with Foam Rollers, Bands & Balls

Myo meaning muscle and fascial referring to fascia the connective tissue around the muscles.  This class can get rid of knots, ease muscle tightness and keep your body in peak physical performance to allow you to get the most out of your training and life.

Balances the body strengthening & stretching  from the core with a mental and spiritual connection.  We work to the traditional method as created by Joseph H Pilates.

Back & Joint Care Pilates - suitable for all fitness levels, practiced at a slower pace focussing on back and joint friendly movements

Pilates Level 2 or 3 - Level 2 for those who graduated from Beginners and are working towards Intermediate.

Level 3 those who are confident with Intermediate working towards advanced .

First official class in Wales.  PiYO - a non impact body weight fitness class utilising Pilates and Yoga moves to really burn fat and sculpt your body


Is the alternative fitness workout inspired by drumming - its non impact, fun cardio jam session

Pure Abs

Pure Abs - 30 minutes of exercises completely focusing on the Abdominals


The movements focus on conditioning and stretch to create a toned, flexible and efficient body. This program is for everybody and combines Pilates and stretch moves to give you the satisfaction of feeling you are challenging yourself.   The class is split into two main elements: standing and floor work. Your fist half of the class is standing then you move to the mat and then finally end the class standing again.



The original Suspension training workout  - a workout that develops your mobility, stability and strength whilst working from your core.


A shorter more intense TRX class working for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds over a variety of strength and cardio based exercises


Vitality, Performance & Reconditioning.  The ultimate functional & whole body training class with all movements coming from the core