Our Barre classes change and our team will deliver either of the Barre classes below.

First official class in Wales. A combination of ballet, yoga, Pilates with strength & conditioning

Barre Pilates Method
First official class in Wales Pilates inspired Ballet Barre class slower then the BarreConcept class to allow the full

application of the Pilates principles in each move.


The ultimate body sculpting class -  utilising kettlebells. You select the weights you want to work with (we will advise you) so that you can get the most out of this workout.  Sculpting that lean and strong body.

Balances the body strengthening & stretching  from the core with a mental and spiritual connection.  We work to the traditional method as created by Joseph H Pilates.

Back & Joint Care Pilates

Suitable for all fitness levels, practiced at a slower pace focussing on back and joint friendly movements

Pilates Level 2 or 3

Level 2 for those who graduated from Beginners and are working towards Intermediate.

Level 3 those who are confident with Intermediate working towards advanced .

Standing Pilates @ The Barre

Taking the principles of Pilates to an upright position supported when needed by the ballet barre.  Suitable for those  who find lying and kneeling unsuitable and for those who want to strengthened their legs and standing balance.

First official class in Wales.  PiYO - a non impact body weight fitness class utilising Pilates and Yoga moves to really burn fat and sculpt your body


Is the alternative fitness workout inspired by drumming - its non impact, fun cardio jam session


The original Suspension training workout  - a workout that develops your mobility, stability and strength whilst working from your core.