Launched on Monday 3rd April 2017.


SPIRALS will not only develop strong, flexible and well-contoured bodies, it will also keep you fit enough to manage daily activities more comfortably.  This training programme has been designed with a view to increasing flexibility and mobility, improving co-ordination and balance, and regulating cardiovascular capacity by combining movement with breathing patterns.  A key factor of good health - performing movements easily and skillfully as well as having flexible muscles in order to move with the least possible effort - things that normally get overlooked.  Limited joint and shortened muscles may not only compromise our posture but will likely lead to different types of injuries.  Managing to improve the above mentioned skills will make movements of daily life easier thus leading to a better quality of life and reducing the chances of injury, especially where muscles are involved, which happens most of the time in daily activities.  Injuries occur when muscles become stiff as a result of failing to use them effectively.  By means of stretching and dynamic flexibility movements, we will manage to maintain and improve our flexibility an coordination. 


Back pain is striking: 8 out of 10 people have suffered from low back pain at some point in their lives.  Unfortunately exercising on a regular basis does not ensure the absence of back pain and many times choosing inappropriate training programmes further increases the chances of lower back pain.  Back pain or pain around the waist may result from prolonged poor postures, either from daily activities or job-related activities (sitting for long hours), which may produce tension and lack of muscle flexibility.  Stronger muscles over weaker muscles may bring about a muscle imbalance between antagonist and agonist muscles, and may lead into poor posture.  Extremely fast movements, lifting excessive weight, and making sudden torsions are merely some of the major causes of low back pain.  The spine is a very complex area in the body, requiring much more than regular exercise programmes to prevent pain and injury.

SPIRALS ensures: stability, mobility, muscle balance and flexibility aimed at strengthening the back in such a way to keep it away from any potential injury.