Diana Pilates Chair 1 .jpg

Pilates chairWe are proud to announce we have now purchased the Peak Pilates MVe Chairs (maximum versatility exercise).

Based on the original Wunda chair created by Joseph Pilates these chairs have been designed to allow small group training classes as well as  1:1 sessions.

Due to the four different resistance settings,  there is immediate feedback when moving on these chairs.  This can help you gain quicker results and can be preferred for those who don't enjoy the Pilates matwork.  They are very versatile and with hundreds of exercises, you'll have no choice but to work from your core.

These classes/courses are coached by Diana Hopkins.  She was selected as one of the first teacher trainers in the UK to attend the training on these chairs to then launch them in Europe.  After successfully completing the training in Arnhem(Netherlands) 2009 and launching them at the International Fitness Showcase, Diana went onto coach larger group classes for Newport City Council from 2010 until she opened these studios. 

Since opening the studios in December 2014 Diana has chosen to coach just small group classes to ensure a personal and specific session for each individual.

Please check our course and class schedule for the Pilates Chair courses.