For those of you who want a little more than a drop in class our courses are just what you need.

We limit the number of people on our courses to ensure you get  enough 1:1 attention.  This will ensure you have the fundamental movement patterns and techniques right to allow you to progress effectively in your chosen discipline.

A list of courses we have planned are listed below, if you are interested in any of the courses please fill in the contact us on this site and we will be in touch with you.

new Courses starting

January 2018

(£48 per 6 week course)


6 Week Pilates Course

Coached by Diana Hopkins an International Master Trainer for Pilates

Level 1 is the beginners course

Level 2 is for those working from beginners towards intermediate Pilates

Level 3 is for those working from intermediate towards advanced Pilates

Beginners Pilates Courses Starting 2018

Wednesday 5.45pm - 6.40pm  31st January - 7th March 2018 - 8 places available

Pilates Level 2, 3 Courses

Monday 11am - 11.55am 19th February - 26th March 2018  - Pilates Level 2 - 8 places available

Monday 6.30pm - 7.25pm 19th February - 26th March 2018 - Pilates Level 2 - 8 places available

Monday 7.35pm - 8.30pm 19th February - 26th March 2018 - Pilates Level 3 - 8 places available

6 week beginners physical yoga course

Coached by Ceri Stroud who has coached Yoga for over 20 years

Wednesday 1pm - 1.55pm 31st January - 7th March - 10 places available

trx - beginners 2 week course

Sunday 28th January  & Sunday 4th February 3.45pm - 4.40pm (£14 for non members) - 8 places remaining